Plextone Liquid Chips.
Walls, Floors and Countertops Reimagined!

From walls to floors, we offer the largest particle size in multi-color paint.

Seagrave’s latest invention introduces a new and truly revolutionary addition to our Plextone line. Liquid Chips unleash dramatic decorating potential at lower cost and installation in a fraction of the time. Now architects, designers and facility managers have an easy, efficient way to get a terrazzo, granite or faux stone-like finish. Your tired walls, floors, countertops and more can be quickly renewed and given new life.

Our Latest Invention is a Game-Changer

It’s a superior alternative to vinyl chips in every way, as Liquid Chips won’t protrude from the epoxy base cover. You’ll love the options and easier installation. As an example, a terrazzo-like finish requires only a single base coat of epoxy and one coat of Plextone, and one top coat of Clear Epoxy or Miraglaze, for faster drying in less than 24 hours for light traffic, our water-based coating is far more durable and won’t yellow like other coatings.


Plextone Liquid Chip Builder
Customize with the Largest Chips Available!

Choose from 3 different chip sizes all the way up to 1/4 inch.

CHOOSE FROM 1/16th to 3/8th of an inch. Easily customize your wall or floor using our color palette to create the multicolor paint of your choice, with the largest chips available. Specify the percentage of each colorant and particle size from 1/16th to 3/8th inch. For a nominal charge credited to your order, our development team can even make a spray-out for truly easy application.


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