Innovation and Trusted Quality

When Seagrave Coatings purchased Plextone in 1989, we knew we’d
 acquired a brand with a storied history and a bright future. To capture
its fullest potential, we switched from a mineral spirits/water formula 
to an all new water-based system that truly exceeds expectations.

We’re an old company with new ideas, and blend innovation with Old 
School Best Practices and non-negotiable environmental responsibility. 
We’re proud that Plextone features low volatile organic solvents of less 
than 50 grams per liter, meeting the most stringent state requirements 
for emissions and certified as a Green and LEEDS approved product.

Plextone is a performance-proven brand first used after World War II
 in Levitt Town track housing. Its unique camouflaging properties were
 popular solutions to decorate interiors and fool the eye, covering poor
 workmanship, hiding defects and offsetting surface differences.

Decades later, in the 1980’s, Plextone was discovered by the design
 community. Multicolor paint appealed to their aesthetics and became
a favorite for its premium quality and superior durability, frequently
 used in schools, offices, public building, arenas, stadiums and airports.

As often is the case, design fashion is fickle. By the early 21st Century 
the preference was for clean painted surfaces. We weren’t concerned 
and had no plans to rest on our laurels – our chemists were at work
creating, improving and innovating. Their efforts are truly exciting.

When multicolor regained its popularity with designers, we were more 
than ready. Now we’ve invented larger, Plextone Liquid Chips and
once again are leading the way. Designers, architects, contractors and
 facility managers have rediscovered the versatility, cost-effectiveness
and multitude of uses.

To us, we’ve simply reimagined the best and made it better than ever.
 Plextone Liquid Chips is our latest invention from a company we think 
of as 170 Years Young, and the very best is still to come.