Armorguard® System

Tubs, tile and porcelain will never be the same.

Reglazing and Refinishing REIMAGINED

Easier – Faster – Cures in a Day – Water-Based – No Respirators

For reglazers and refinishers, the Armorguard® System is a radically better idea. The first water-based system to finish and refurbish tile means fewer steps without acid-etch, solvents, bonds or epoxies, and without air feed respirators. It’s easier to work with, cleans-up without solvents and there is no chalking, yellowing or noxious odors to upset occupants and owners. Best of all, it cures overnight, so treat it today, use it tomorrow. With the first truly water-based system, Seagrave has changed everything. Again.

We’ve streamlined tub and tile finishing

The Armorguard ® Water-Based system is a streamlined innovation for the refinishing of tubs, tile and all things porcelain. Your past issues with solvent-polyurethane finickiness, and concerns about “free” isocyanates that required special respirators are a thing of the past, and you’ll love cleaning-up without solvents. At Seagrave, we’ve been reinventing paint and coatings since 1846. Armorguard® and Miraglaze®, our polyaspartic high solids top coat, are breakthrough products changing everything for the better.

Easier to apply – Quality you can count on

You’ll appreciate the advantages, and your customers will love the quality. Instead of smelly, flammable, tricky to work with and imperfect appearances, count on easier to apply, quicker to clean-up and a superior final product every time. The Armorguard® System delivers acrylic urethane surface hardness, but cures in hours, not days, for fast return to service. Use it confidently, and because it’s VOC-compliant and “Green Wise” certified, better for the environment, too.
Choose from Plextone® white, solid colors or multi-color, so get creative.


How It Works & Why It’s Better

Faster, safer, environmentally-friendly and more

Finishing tile and porcelain surfaces, and reglazing tubs and surrounding tile used to be difficult work, delivering mixed results. Many of the chemicals made it not only unpleasant, but often dangerous. No longer. Now, you can get solvent-based polyurethane performance without polyurethane headaches.

It’s the latest, better idea from Seagrave. Armorguard® is the first water-based system, and it will change how you’ll reglaze, refinish tubs, tile and porcelain of all kinds for the better, with simply amazing features and benefits.

  • Thin and Spray with Water – Easier, start to finish
  • Faster, Easier to Apply – No acid-etch, multi-step process
  • Healthier to Work With – No solvents of ‘free’ isocyanates
  • A Streamlined Process – Faster, easier and fewer steps
  • Cures in hours, not days – Spray today, ready to use tomorrrow
  • White, Solid or Multi-Color – Create without limits
  • Choose Low or Semi-Gloss Armoguard® or Miraglaze® Finish
  • No More Special Respirators – Safer, easier and less toxic
  • Doesn’t Yellow or Chalk – Better overall performance
  • Virtually No Noxious Odor – Happier owners and occupants
  • Meets or Exceeds States’ VOC in all states with regulations
  • “Green Wise” Certification –  Environmentally responsible

Innovative & Game-changing Quality from Seagrave. Trusted since 1846.

Request a free sample and prove it to yourself.

Give us a call at 201-933-1000 to request a free sample.

We’ll Rush You a Free Sample of Plextone Armorguard®

We’re excited to send you a free, dry sample of Plextone® Armorguard® – it will change how you think about reglazing, refinishing tile and porcelain, and is the latest amazing innovation from Seagrave chemists.

Water-based, easy to apply and clean-up, with little to no odor, no need for special respirators, never yellows or chalks and cures in hours, not in days. Exceeds all state VOC standards and is “Green Wise” certified. You’ll love it.

Give us a call at 201-933-1000 to request a free sample and we’ll rush it to you right away. You can choose from finished off-white tile high-gloss for tubs; a low-gloss Plextone® multicolor tile in satin sheen for surrounding tiles, or a high-gloss multicolor chip if you’re planning to use it on a floor.

Questions? Just call or email, we’re here to help.