Our Miraglaze® is perfect for original, limited edition and fine art objects and furnishings. It makes for a spectacular dining room table or entertainment unit. The product is also ideal for premium kitchens, furniture, decorative accessories and musical instruments , and over Plextone® for a multi-color stone or terazzo floor finish or for refinishing worn formica countertops.

Benefits Over Polyester and Pour-on Epoxy:

  • Easy sanding vs. polyester coatings which do not tolerate sanding aids
  • 100% solids but need 15% xylene for thinning if you use a spray gun
  • No shrinkage on curing, there will be no shrink marks, which can develop with polyesters
  • Dries hard in 2 hrs. and can be sanded after 4hrs.
  • Pot life is 15 minutes and mix is 1:1 ratio
  • Alternatively, you can use dual component spray equipment
  • No VOCs because there is no solvent or you can use xylene or Oxol®100 which is an exempt solvent for thinning
  • Resins made in USA so not subject to import logistics, or USEPA TSCA restrictions
  • No styrene, which is a suspected carcinogen. See Safety data shee for recommended protective respirator equipment required for sprayer.
  • No peroxide hazard or accelerators like cobalt, which can be dangerous to the operator if the two are mixed together or in the wrong proportions Seagrave Coatings products offer unique and beautiful high gloss finishes.
  • No formaldehyde
  • Does not yellow like epoxy or polyester and has excellent exterior resistance

Catalyzed Miraglaze

Aliphatic resin base coating for wood, tile, plastics and formica Uses: Case goods, occasional furniture, dining room tables and chairs, conference tables and other contract furniture with a deep, lustrous, glass-like finish, or floors.


  • 86% solids for thicker finish
  • Meets and exceeds green seal standards
  • Excellent chemical and heat resistance
  • Dries to 80% of the hardness of glass


  • Superior build of 8-10 wet mils on horizontal surfaces
  • Excellent filling properties
  • E.P.A Compliant NO VOCs (under 5 grams) if exempt solvent used