Multicolor Liquid Chips
Conventional Vinyl Chips


There’s never been anything like it.

Rather than those protruding vinyl chips that require additional labor to finish and multiple coats to seal, new Plextone Liquid Chips lay flat. Instead of 30-40 mils to cover it, in most instances 10 mils is all you’ll need. Get a bold, terrazzo-like finish with just an epoxy base paint coat primer as the background color. You’ll love saving time and money.

And getting creative with bigger chips; the colors are brighter and more dramatic. Use our Color Chip Builder to precisely match color or hue from any source, from anywhere. Install in less time with less labor and use it within 24 hours because it dries faster. Once applied, it’s more durable, and far easier to maintain and scrub clean with much less effort.

Vinyl has its place – just not your place. You deserve better and Liquid Chips makes it easy!  So, before giving walls, floors or countertops a new look, take a moment to check out the benefits of Plextone Liquid Chips.

Liquid Chips vs. Vinyl Chips

We said no contest and meant every word. Get more and save time and money. So, before giving that concrete floor a new look, here’s what you should know.

  • The Largest Multicolor Particle Size
    More flexibility and decorative potential than vinyl.
  • Plextone Saves You Labor and Time
    No more broadcasting vinyl chips, simply spray.
  • Easier to Install, Simpler to Finish .
    No rebroadcasting, rolling or brushing off excess.
  • Use 50-75% Less Top Coat and Save
    8-10 mils vs 30, faster drying, better color retention.
  • Liquid Chips Lay Flat – No Sanding
    Smooth, even surface is easier to keep clean.
  • Spray Offers More Decorative Options
    Now even cove molding can match the floor color!
  • Half – or less – the Material Cost of Vinyl
    Just $2 to $3 a square foot of a polyaspartic floor.
  • Easy Touch-up and Camouflage Blending
    All it takes with multicolor is a HVLP or small cup gun.
  • Decades of Proven Performance.
    Years of service in commercial and public spaces.
  • Low VOC, Green Seal, LEEDS Certified
    Multicolor paints just 50 grams per liter or less.

Plextone is Environmentally Friendly

  • Complies with State and Federal EPA standards.
  • Manufactured with amazingly low toxicity level.
  • No heavy metals or carcinogens.
  • Class A Fire Rating exceeds most vinyl coverings.
  • Minimum odor to apply during regular work hours.

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