Five Colors in a Single Spray


Say Goodbye to Vinyl Wallcoverings

It’s the end of color and pattern limitations, Plextone® replaces that with a nearly 
infinite variety of color and texture combinations. All easily customized and blended 
to your samples, from a carpet or upholstery swatch to a paint color card or hue.
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A seamless, multi-color finish will enhance interiors, exteriors, floors, countertops 
and more, Plextone is ideal for public, high-traffic areas, is more durable and cost-
effective and easier to maintain. Its warmth and richness is perfect for health care, hospitality, educational, recreational, cultural, commercial and corporate facilities.

Better than Vinyl in So Many Ways

  • Costs less to install and installs faster.
  • Ideal for renovation and refurbishing.
  • Lasts longer than paint and costs less.
  • Apply to sub-strata with less surface prep.
  • Totally seamless, simply spray it on.
  • Stain resistant and easily scrubs clean.
  • Minimal fading and far less yellowing.
  • Plextone clear coat virtually eliminates wear.
  • New applications easily match existing ones.
  • Hides surface imperfections like magic.
  • One-coat application dramatically reduces labor.

Plextone is Environmentally Friendly

  • Complies with State and Federal EPA standards.
  • Manufactured with amazingly low toxicity level.
  • No heavy metals or carcinogens.
  • Class A Fire Rating exceeds most vinyl coverings.
  • Minimum odor to apply during regular work hours.

Enhance the Past. Brighten the Future

Designers, developers, contractors, architects and facilities managers 
are discovering a world of applications for Plextone.

The St. Louis Art Museum used it to restore their Beaux Arts Exhibit
 and Steelcase Inc. applied Plextone throughout their Corporate
 Development Center.  How will you use it?  Call us – let’s talk!

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