Quality First for 170 Years.


We’re not newbies jumping on a hot trend, but seasoned professionals that have built a reputation and earned customer trust with nearly two centuries of proven performance. Our team is fiercely proud of that. We helped invent the original multicolor paint more than 70 years ago and hold one of the original patents for the technology. Over the years, we’ve never stopped improving it; raising the bar is what we’ll all about.

Manufacturing the Very Best Has Always Been Our Way.

With a reputation built over 170 years, we protect it with chemists on-staff, not an out-sourced R&D Lab that doesn’t know our products or understand our customers.

Our fully equipped laboratory rigorously tests to ensure everything we manufacture meets the highest standards of quality to exceed customer expectations. It’s always been our way, and always will be.

Seagrave Coatings chemists approach every job with two benchmarks.

First, with a dedication to solving customer problems. We’re here to support and work with you.
Second, to work with and unwavering commitment to deliver products that are of the highest quality, and are truly affordably priced.